Horus at Edfu


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The Ptolomaic temple of Edfu is the major cult center for Horus of the Osiris Legends.

Edfu is the place of his defeat of Seth.



In the Osiris legends, Horus was the child of Isis and Osirus. Horus was killed by his uncle Seth, as was his father, Osirus. In the picture above, the three gods are show with the Pharaoh. In earlier documents Horus is sometimes called the brother or Seth.

However, in legend, Horus joined his father in the underworld and and with the help of Isis returned to fight and defeat Set at Edfu. He fought in his corporal form that was resurected from the Duat and in the form of a winged sun disc.

Horus is one of the oldest gods of Egypt and has several cult centers. One cult center is at ancient Nekhen at Hierakonpolis..



At the Temple of Horus at Edfu the cult statues show the discoloration of the many hands that have touched them.

In historical Egypt, as the King was always identified with Osirus, the Prince who was to suceed him was called “Horus in the Nest”.

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