Egyptian Gods and Their Cult Centers


Enrich your trip to Egypt, learn more about the Ancient Gods whose monuments and temples you will s e on your Egypt Tour.

Take day tours around Cairo to Memphis and Saqqara for sites of Gods of Lower Egypt. Travel by prearranged speciality excursions for the Gods of Middle Egypt.

Many monuments and temples for the God of Upper Egypt are located in and around Luxor. Tours of Abydos and Dendera can be made by special arrangement.

Visit other sites in Upper Egypt by Nile Cruise, Elephantine Island, home of Khnum the creator god is located in Aswan.

The Egyptian tourist industry is based on the legacy of 5000 years of cultural development and monumental building by Egyptians. Today we enjoy the splendors of Egypt because of the rediscovery of its wonders in the 1800’s and because of the well organised and efficient tourist industry that the modern Egyptian have built.

When Napoleon’s expedition of 160 scientists returned from Egypt to publish the Description de l’Egypte (1809), the Gods of Egypt were reborn and the remnants of their cult temples and ritual centres were discovered.

The frontpiece of Le Description d'Egypt.

Egyptology became a hobby and and then a science in the 1800’s and 1900’s, and each year’s excavations and publications bring more knowledge of how the religion of the Ancient Egyptians was integrated into their daily lives.

The original breakthrough came with Champollion’s success at deciphering the heiroglyphs on the Rosetta Stone. Champollion then took a tour of the Egyptian monuments to collect more heiroglyphic texts. Champollion also collected and published the representations of the gods as seen on those ancient Egyptian monuments. Champollion’s Gods of Egypt can be seen in the screensaver produced by Pixel Paradox.

Egypt once depended on others to discover its past, but no more. Today Egyptians all along the Nile are actively engaged is discovery and preservation of the magnificant legacy of the past. The descendants of the builders of the pyramids are constantly contributing to the body of knowledge that is known as Egyptology.

This site and its companion sites Egypt Cult Centers and Egypt Creation Myths, bring you the fruits of decades of work by Egyptologists of all nationalities to present the Gods of Egypt and their Cult Centers.