Osiris at Abydos


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Osiris at Abydos

The King greets Osiris, Horus and Isis.

The god of the underworld, Osiris was the husband of Isis and the brother of Set.

His betrayal and murder of Osiris by Set and Isis’s search for his body is a beautiful series of Legends.

Osiris and Isis had a son, Horus. The three gods formed the Abydos Triad and were worshiped there. Abydos is the site of some of the burials of the earliest kings and most Kings had monuments there. The temple of Seti is one of the most beautiful and the Osirion,
a cenotaph dedicated to Orisis was built by Seti just behind his memorial temple.

After his death, Osiris, progresses to the underworld to preside as ruler there.
Later when Horus is also murdered by Set, Horus joins his father in the underworld.


The Osirion at Abydos

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