Which credit card for Las Vegas travel?


Las Vegas, the city of gambling and vibrant life. In order to be able to participate and experience the fascination of glitter and glamor, you should above all inform yourself about the payment options with credit cards.

Credit cards in Las Vegas – between acceptance and necessity

Credit cards in Las Vegas - between acceptance and necessity

As in the whole of the USA, the credit card is the most used form of payment for Americans in Las Vegas. Not only is it a convenient method of payment, it also emphasizes the creditworthiness of the cardholder and it is almost a good thing to pay by credit card in the city of money.

The regular credit card is accepted almost everywhere in Las Vegas. The American usually pays anything from $ 20 with a credit card and acceptance can be found in all areas where you want to make a payment

  • Public transport tickets
  • Taxis
  • Tickets for events, amusement parks or visits to museums
  • in supermarkets or kiosks, as well as wherever food is offered, such as bakers or butchers
  • Booked excursions or tours or city tours
  • Restaurants
  • Discos and clubs
  • Hotel and motel bills
  • Car rental companies
  • Casinos and amusement arcades

Credit cards are readily accepted at Las Vegas casinos, especially when it comes to larger sums. Since Las Vegas is the metropolis for money launderers and fake US $ 100 notes are not uncommon, you could have problems accepting them not only in casinos.

In some situations, the regular credit card is even a must, such as when checking into hotels. Therefore, the company insists on securing possible follow-up costs during your stay, such as telephone bills or consumption from the mini or hotel bar. In the latter case, it is customary that the bill is not paid in the connected restaurants or bars, but that it is provided with the room number and signature of the guest and your credit card is charged after your stay.

For car rental companies , a credit card voucher is usually drawn in the amount of the contractually agreed excess. This serves to secure the rental company if you cause damage to the rental vehicle, the vehicle is stolen or you exceed the prepaid rental period.
If a company has no right to charge your credit card, you should definitely request the voucher and destroy it securely so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. A prepaid credit card is not accepted for this situation, since only direct debits are possible here.

Cash withdrawals at ATMs in Las Vegas are possible wherever your credit card provider is excellent. You can find ATMs in supermarkets, shopping centers and almost every bank. Most acceptance can be found in Las Vegas with Visa and Mastercard. Wherever credit card payments are possible, Visa and Mastercard can always be used. American Express and Diners Club, on the other hand, are not accepted in some places, although you can still use these credit cards to withdraw cash at ATM, where they can usually always be used.

What to look for when choosing a credit card and which other means of payment are useful?

What to look for when choosing a credit card and which other means of payment are useful?

As convenient as credit card use is, it can be expensive. For use abroad – including in Las Vegas – your house bank often charges fees for cash withdrawals and cashless payments, the latter being usually cheaper. Here it makes sense to compare the fee lists of the respective providers when choosing the credit card offer, because some also offer free use abroad.
In addition, some credit card providers charge an annual basic fee, which may well exceed 100 USD. Here you should then pay attention to any additional services that may be included in the basic fee and may seem worthwhile in comparison.

Possible additional credit card services for a trip to Las Vegas:

  • International insurance for luggage, illness or travel cancellation
  • Discounts and bonus programs
  • Car breakdown assistance
  • Rental car legal expenses insurance
  • special services such as access to the airport lounge

Relying solely on a credit card in Las Vegas certainly doesn’t make sense. A credit card can also be stolen, lost or suddenly become illegible. A little cash should therefore always be carried, but these should not exceed 20 US $ banknotes, since 100 US $ bills are not changed everywhere.

Travelers check is an optimal alternative to credit cards. These are purchased at certain heights from the house bank and can be exchanged for cash in any bank branch in Las Vegas and predominantly also in hotels and casinos. As a rule, no exchange fees are charged in Las Vegas. If they are lost or are not redeemed, you will get the value of the travelers checks back from your bank.

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