Seth Triad – Seth, Neith and Sobek


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Visit other sites in Upper Egypt by Nile Cruise, Elephantine Island, home of Khnum the creator god is located in Aswan.

Seth (or Set) Triad


Seth Triad (Seth, Neith, and Sobek)

Seth – The wicked brother of Osiris, Seth was associatd with chaos, infertility and the desert. He was the son of Nut. In some Dynasties he was honored as the essential chaos that must form a necessary duality with order. Kings in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Dynasties incorporated his name (Seti).

Neith – Was an ancient goddess who rose to prominence during the Twenty-sixth Dynasty when the ruling family chose Sais as the Capital of Egypt. Her shield and crosssed arrows was an ancient symbol found on objects from the First Dynasty. She wears the Red Crown of Lower Egypt. She, Isis, Nephythys and Selket, the scorpion goddess were the funerary goddesses who protected the “Sons of Horus” who watched over the internal organs of the deceased. Neith protected Duamutef who protected the stomach and upper intestines.

Sobek – the crocodile god, was associated with the might of the Pharaoh. He was worshiped as a solar diety as Sobek-Re.



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